Deborah Kurtz

There are many seasons in life as you spend your years, just as there are weather seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter.  We have experinced many seasons with good and almost impossible seasons to live through, but these have become our cornerstones of Deeper Thoughts 4 HIM. It's a reflection of our beliefs and purposes as we walk and talk with our maker and totally trust HIM as HE always knows what is best in any situation. We share our experiences so that YOU can find your way in HIS path that HE has planned for YOU.  There are many things that I have made journals of notes as HE has spoken to me and many of my friends have requested that I keep an account of all the miracles, to even gifting me with journals so I would share them whenever HE allows me to.  There are lots of memories but when you write them while they are fresh to you when you go back to them years later, you see that such details may be lost had you not been presuaded to write them down!!!  May you find comfort, directions to seek HIM and peace as YOU FIND HIM GROWING DEEPER IN YOU!!!